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Allen Ye is a highly respected experienced principal real estate consultant whose primary focus is on relationships and delivering results to customer requirements.

He has worked previously at one of the most prestigous respected real estate firms in Australia (McGrath) where he spent several years as a top sales performer in his division and eventually promoted to sales director.  He has managed a wide range of teams and what makes Allen quite unique is extensive wide range of technical knowledge/expertises of professional services in the real estate industry.


Having a technical background and graduating from UTS with a network engineering bachelors degree Allen belief is that there is a solution to every problem.

Hence, he is the type of person who will work for a customer with always a positive minded outcome.

Several clients whose trust he has earned over the years due to his tremendous track record in the industry have mentioned that Allen’s care factor and core values of

“that your problem is his problem” is what makes him so reliable and comfortable to deal with.


Allen began to look at new challenges as he felt he could do more and in 2018, Diallen Maison was borned. He had a vision to build a real estate company that provided

tailored solutions with a full platform of end to end real estate professional services for everyone.

He has spent the last 8 years learning everything there is to know about the real estate industry –from negotiation to comparative market analysis. Thus he has set

the new standard and the type of quality of consultants that needs to be at his firm Diallen Maison.


Allen is currently managing a portfolio of major real estate projects across all of Sydney and will always

make time in his busy work schedule to anybody who ever needs his professional advice or services.